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House, Apartment Agent

What is an apartment agent?

We are here to make your apartment search easier and help you find a rental that meets your demands. You can call or email us to give us your listings, we will help you find the right apartment. Note that this is our completely free service, so don’ ust hesitate to contact.

Why do you need an apartment agent?

We know the city and the neighbourhoods

We are the locals here, so we know everything about this city. You have just come to saigon and feel overwhelmed with many villas, houses for rent,… Do you want to live in a quiet and friendly neighbourhood or in the heart of the city? Are you in a tight budget and just want to rent a small house? Your search will not as complicated as it may seem if you enlist our help. We know all about the roads, schools, restaurants, gyms, fitness centers,…in this largest city of Vietnam, therefore, just let us know what you want and our experts with local knowledge will find you an appropriate apartment. 

We know of the apartments not yet listed

Being new to this crowded city, you may find it hard and time-consuming to look for a rental. The first thing come to your mind is browsing the Internet and sometimes, you still couldn’t find the one that suits your needs. Spending days wondering districts to districts to ask for a house or an apartment for rent is another choice that many foreigners did. Now you don’t have to feel irritated and tired with these any more. We are willing to provide you information of apartments that would satisfy your requirements. Especially, we also know many other ones that have not been listed elsewhere and maybe that is what you are looking for all this time. 

We help negotiate rent 

While rental leases may appear set in stone, they are more flexible than many tenants think. So if you think your rent is too high and it can eat up an increasingly large chunk of your monthly budget, it’s worth speaking up. We have studied our local market very carefully and our experts know how to value the property and ask for a better deal. We act on behalf of the interests of you so we do not mind negotiating with the landlord to bring up a rental reduction, which will absolutely save yourself a few dollars, perhaps more than you think.

How our free service works:

Renting an apartment is not as complicated as it may first seems. From start to finish, we would like to make it an easy and fun experience. 

Step 1: Tell our experts what you are looking for

Contact us and let us know your specific requirements – the location, your budget, the amenities, pets and any other special circumstances you may have. 

Step 2. Free Expert Assistance

Based on your listings of what you want, we will do some research and then send you a customized list of properties that match your preferences. If you have any changes, just let us know and we will be gladly to send you further recommendations. You will receive our personalized services absolutely free.

Step 3. Narrow down the apartment list

From the list we gave you, you can pick any apartments that appeal you most and we will send you the images of each. After you have made up your own mind as soon as you can, we will call to get availability and schedule the tour.  

Step 4. Make a visit to your favorite apartments 

It’s time to view the units and the neighbourhood firsthand. After arranging a date, we will inform you and then our experts will go with you to the communities when you are ready. 

Step 5. Choose your perfect apartment

Now it’s your decision to choose which one suits you best. Then we will contact the landlord and set a move-in date. After that you have to deposit some amount of the price of this new apartment to secure your credit. 

Step 6.  Move to your new apartment

All you have to do now is to pack up your things and move to your new rental. We will support you in moving your belongings and furniture to the location and check-in. With our service, it will surely be an easy and fun experience. 


We go to work for you. We are happy to assist you to choose the appropriate apartments for your needs. There is a Vietnamese saying that: “an cư lạc nghiệp”, which means to have a stable life you have to settle down with a house and a job. The pearl of the Far East has much to explore so after moving to your new ideal apartment with our help, you can start to work and enjoy the life here right now.  There are many things to do in this exhilarating and “second most dynamic city in the world” that will surely make it hard for you to leave.